Well, well, well....Are you ready to learn? Take out your pen and paper, because Rachael 101 has officially begun!!!

Wild. Innocent. Creative. Awkward. Talented. Coordinated. Uncoordinated. Talkative. Quiet. Shy. Crazy. Easy. Mean. Weird. Ugly. Lazy. Loose. Forgettable. Kind. Pretty. Hilarious. Narcissistic. Intelligent. Unique. Cryptic.

I've been called the best of things and the worst of things from letter A to Z. It's crazy how just one word can make every piece of you feel weak and broken, just one word. Completely irrelevant, but my point in the list of words people have used to describe me is can I, or anyone, really be defined? I could tell you what I think about myself, but that won't stop you from reading into what someone else is saying, or from thinking what you wan't about me.

I've sinned, I've done great things, I've made a plethora of mistakes, I've been hurt, I've been extremely happy, I've been insecure, and I've been envious. I have felt, done, and seen so much in my twenty years of life, both good and bad. After almost letting the worst of days get the best of me I have managed to pull myself right back up and to do only good to everyone around me. Being a good person to others, and making them smile or laugh is what makes the insane saner and what tightens a person's grip on their happiness. People like you and I all around the world have their own stories or their own battles that you do not remotely know. Therefore, you do not know what someone is silently suffering with, so be kind and do not judge a book by it's cover.  My stories unravel in my songs, the pain or happiness that I personally felt can be grasped by listening. I still embarrass myself on a regular basis, make irrational choices frequently, and eat way to much sugar, but if those are the worst things I am going to do I consider myself lucky. 

You can go ahead and configure an opinion on who you think I am. I can’t stop you. I don’t wan't to be compared to a certain type of stereotype or celebrity. I wan’t to be recognized and identified as who I am.  Embraced alongside all my good and bad. My songs edged and raw expose the individual that is Rachael Ann Pecaro, not the next (insert artist name). Just Rachael Ann Pecaro, one and only. I’m an open book, lined with rips and errors, mistakes and heartache, fearlessness and individuality. My stories are both short and long, filled with an abundance of emotions, story lines, and relatable rhythms and rhymes. All ultimately shaping me into the self-assured, bad ass 20 year old girl, I am today. My music can range from country to classical, theatre to pop. I’m always exploring new and different outlets to take my music. At the end of the day, regardless of where I end up going or who I end up becoming, music, whether i’m singing it, writing it, listening to it, playing it, or even awkwardly dancing to it makes me happy. I am under no obligation to be who I was five minutes ago, and my music reflects that sense of diversity.